Sir David Sasoon
First  Honourable Donor

"डेव्हिड ससून अनाथ पंगू गृह" "निवारा" संस्थेस ५५ वर्षांचे योगदान
डॉ. मो. ना. तथा आबासाहेब नातू

Fifty five years of  devoted  service by Dr M N ( Abasaheb) Natu BSc. MBBS, joined   the institute on 23 Sep 1930. He rendered dedicated service for more than 50 years. He was Secretary  from Oct 1940 till 1980. He inspired many volunteers to work along with him for this noble cause. He passed away on 26 April 1989.

  • Flood … 1961.
    12 July 1961 Pune faced a severe flood as a result of bursting of Panshet Dam, followed by collapse of the Khadakwasala Dam. It had rained heavily for a week, resulting in this devastating situation. The whole campus of Niwara was under water for more than 18 hours.
  • During early 1980, Dr M N Natu rendered his resignation due to his ill health. Managing committee accepted it very reluctantly as his dedication to Niwara was unmatched and no one could imagine his absence.  Smt Indiarabai Bhajekar was Chairperson in those days. Ex officio guidance and help was extended by Shri S B Kulkarni.
  •  Shri Rajabhau Mate then took over as secretary and transformed Niwara, made it into a more pleasant place getting new spacious buildings constructed, and getting a lot of trees planted. He also started several new schemes including the Memorial Day Donations(SMRUTI DIN) which is extremely successful.
  • In April 1985 a new community Hall was constructed in order to increase interaction with society in general. It was inaugurated by Shri M.N. abasaheb Natu. This was named SAMAJ MANDIR.  Today  a Gymnasium  which  is very much in demand by senior citizens as well as youngsters is successfully being run here.
  • Dr M N Natu  our visionary ex secretary passed away on 26 April 1989 after a  prolonged illness.  Our physiotherapy section  is dedicated to his memory and  was named as “Dr M N Natu- Physiotherapy Centre “ on his  first death anniversary.
  • Rehabitalisation Centre -  April 1989
  • Apart from  lodging  the destitutes, Niwara created  another channel for serving the elderly by starting a rehabilitation centre for the aged patients on our campus. We can admit up to 50 patients  in our  Rehabilitation Centre. These patients are provided with food as well as nursing care.
  • Mr Timothy Sassoon, great-grandson of Sir David Sasoon  after whom this institution is named,  visited Niwara in 2012August. He was impressed by the activities taking place and expressed his satisfaction.

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