NIWARA is a self sustained trust which is supported by society for its commitment to all its residents. Generous people from all walks of life come forward to donate in kind and money which we gratefully accept. We look after our residents in every respect through out their life.
Memorial Day-(Smruti Din) Niwara has a popular tradition of enabling citizens to offer a meal  each year in honour of  their departed loved ones. With a one time donation of Rs 5000/-, Niwara organizes a memorial meal every year at that particular date. Donors are invited, on that day, to meet with the residents  and be present during the meale.. Over 5000 donors have been part of this scheme.

Re-habitalisation Centre

Rehabilitation Centre (Rugna sewa) In the rehabilitation centre, we look after bedridden elders who cannot be taken care of by their families. Trained nursing staff has been employed for this purpose. Niwara provides the patients with appropriate food and nursing care according to their doctor’s instructions. Families of the patients contribute some amount as donation  to Niwara.

It was felt necessary to create facility for one of the major need of Old persons  ie treatment through Physiotherapy Well qualified physiotherapists work in this centre  which is open to our residents as well as  outsiders.   This centre is named in the memory of Dr M N alias Abasaheb Natu.      

Full fledged Physiotherapy treatment is available throughout the day at nominal rate.    


Facility for “Pediatric physiotherapy” is available at Ashram at nominal rate.. More than 1000 children are treated by this section per annum.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric centre provides treatment of pediatric neuro as well as orthopedic problems. Treatment covers following broad conditions:
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Delayed Milestones
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Speech & Oral Problems
  • Spina Bifida
  • Hand Function Development
  • Vision Development.
Samaj Mandir / Gymnasium

Samaj mandir was created  with the aim of having  an interaction   with the common citizens and increase awareness of the society about  Niwara.  It was constructed  in 1985 and dedicated to the society with its  inauguration at  the hands of Dr M N Natu.  Today  Samaj Mandir is converted in a full fledged up to date Gymnasium.
Community Hall

Community hall is constructed to accommodate 300 personnel. Many social programs are held in this hall for education, entertainment and public meeting for all citizens.
Homeopathy Dispensary is available at Niwara for Check up. Experienced doctors are available for examining the patients , suggesting the homeopathy treatment and dispensing medicines at very nominal  rates.
Other Activities

Niwara is the centre of important social activities carried out by Swadhar, Snehseva, Sanvedana Foundation, Prajit Gat etc. These NGOs render support to weaker sections  of the society and are dong commendable work.
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